A Network Map of the World

The map below uses a dataset put together originally in French by Mathieu Totet which I have translated using the Googletranslate function in google docs. Basically, it is a map of countries linked by their borders. Two countries are connected together if they share a border. The strength (weight) of the links is the length of the border (indicated in the label), and the size of the nodes represents  the total size of the borders of a country. The borders are only the terrestrial ones (this is why Scandinavian countries are separated from the rest, only connected with the rest through Russia), and those of overseas territories count: this is why France shares a border with Brazil via French Guyana, and with the Netherlands via Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.  The UK has a border with Cyprus via Akrotiri and Dhekelia.The colors are set by modularity class. You can click on the map for a larger version. I made it with Gephi.Untitled46

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